Great trip in Glenwood with Danny and Andrew. 9 of us ages 13-52. It didn’t seem to matter if we spent the majority of our time standing up, on our knees or in the water, we would all do it again!
— Joanie Krise Morris



Stand Up Paddleboarding, SUP, is one of the fastest growing sports because a person can do it almost anywhere. It’s great for exercise and touring on flat water. It’s super exciting to take to the ocean and surf or even just paddle beyond the break. And my favorite, taking it down to the river, running rapids or surfing the play hole. Any way you slice it, there’s a part of the sport for everyone.

We’ve been in the outfitting business for 9 years. Paddleboard Adventure Company is a permitted outfitter on several water ways around Steamboat. As the lead instructor, I have obtained my Wilderness First Responder, my Swiftwater Rescue, and my Level 3 ACA Paddleboard certification.

So why choose Paddleboard Adventure Company?

  • The other instructors and I have over 25 years combined experience paddleboarding, from the ocean, to lakes, to river.
  • We boast the largest fleet in Steamboat.  We have 40 boards of all variety, inflatable and hard.  We carry only the best brands – HALA, GLIDE, C4, BOARDWORKS, PAU HANA and STARBOARD!
  • Being professional is key and keeping you safe is key.  We love staying in tune with the sport and its trends while keeping up our certifications and training.  But, most of all…..
  • We love paddleboarding and have lots of fun teaching it to others. 

So, why not?  We got you covered; you are in good hands.  Let Paddleboard Adventure Company introduce you to the great and exciting sport of Paddleboarding today.  You won’t regret it!